Control System Automazioni Srl

Let's enter the future of Industry 4.0 together!

Active since 1998 in Veneto, a region with a great mechanical and manufacturing vocation, CSA has acquired over the years considerable experience in managing the processes of the various branches of industrial automation (mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic and thermoregulation). Always attentive to innovations, it offers cutting-edge solutions and technologies in the design and construction of electrical control panels, in software development, supervision and remote assistance of machines and systems as required by Industry 4.0.

Design, PLC software and wiring of electrical panels for industrial automation

CSA makes its know-how available to companies and stands out for the contribution given to its customers in the development of projects and in the choice of the most suitable solutions in order to improve the efficiency of the systems, reducing machine downtime and costs of maintenance, paying particular attention to safety, reliability and ease of use.